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Advertising info

      This monthly television listing and entertainment tabloid has proven to be an extremely effective results oriented advertising medium…..The principal reason is that when picked up, it is USED!…Not thrown in a stack…..The television listings are referred to over & over throughout the month thus allowing one ad to be viewed numerous times within one issue…..Each paper has a strong multiple effect not normally found in a one-read paper…..

TV Log is distributed thru some 850 locations and has a readership of 80,000 per month…..It is now the 3rd most productive, mainstream print media…And, many measurable results have shown that TV Log may provide the HIGHEST results per dollar cost….It has been honored by The Sacramento Chamber of Commerce for it’s contributions!….Studies have shown that 28% of Sacramento uses the paper…..One ‘arts’ group had a survey that 1/3rd of their audience was TV Log readers…..With some 70% of the area not taking the daily Bee, a huge audience awaits for advertisers…..Numerous venues have used TV Log such as Arco Arena (now, Power Balance Pavilion), The Community Center, Concert promoters (such as Fahn & Co.),  various ‘arts’ groups, 6-Flags/Marineworld, Renaissance Faire, & numerous others….. The demographic profile of its readership is, generally, middle age & up…with pockets going into the lower age groups…..Income level is somewhat dependent on the area and store of distribution., ranging from high level to lower middle….. TV Log has a unique distribution capability…..In addition to subscriptions & all the various stores, TV Log has a direct  to business distribution…..That includes directly delivering ‘logs’ to EVERY retail business & office in certain geographic areas…..For example, TV Log has an extremely high distribution in the Arden/Arcade/Carmichael/Sierra Oaks area as well as North Natomas……Other areas targeted include Downtown (restaurants), Roseville, Folsom, and the South/Elk Grove area…(each issue of TV Log has a list on page 6 of many of the locations where you can pick up your FREE copy) Rates (below) will vary as to size & frequency of your ad and as to color…TV Log is a one-spot color paper.