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History of TV Log and Entertainment of Sacramento

The newspaper, TV Log & Entertainment, began in 1977 as an advertising method of helping small business  in the Sacramento area more effectively reach a wide audience at a much lower cost!!…..It, also,  had become very apparent that daily newspapers did not reach all the people (which has become much more so today) and  ads were very expensive on a continuous basis….Television content was chosen since ‘everyone’ watches TV and wants to know ‘what’s on?’…..Television listings serve to provide information throughout the month as the paper is referred to over & over & over, thus giving an ad multiple exposures with just one printing…..TV Log today concentrates on providing complete ‘sports’ and ‘movie’  listings for people to look and plan ahead for the whole month…..

History of door hangers / Nickel Delivery

TV Log & Entertainment has been a very effective advertising vehicle for most businesses but many firms are very geographically oriented and had been asking if we could distribute more TV Logs in their area or in certain areas to impact their business even more….We couldn’t cease delivery of TV Logs throughout the area, so in 1988, Nickel Delivery was created to do  ‘doorhanger’ delivery with a firm’s flyers, papers, & ‘doorhangers’….TV Log (Nickel Delivery) can now saturate a given area with your doorhanger…..It can place your ad piece on virtually every door in your desired area…..Many firms today do both ads in TV Log and on doorhangers…..

Publisher History

Background of Rick Worsley, Publisher & owner of the business…..After growing up in both Salt Lake City and San Francisco (& being exposed to those two very different ways of life), he entered the Army and became a communications specialist…..After service, he  graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Business Management…..He was hired by Xerox Corp. to work in the Sacramento office, which included Modesto & Fresno, and later, travel thoughout the State…..He went thru all their marketing titles over a 10 year period winning various awards including National Acct. Manager of the year for 1974…..  While with Xerox, in 1974, he helped start a semi-pro basketball team in Sacramento called the Sacramento Prospectors which introduced him to the need for further newspaper marketing help for businesses & events…..In 1975, they held  the 1st High School All Star basketball game in Sacramento’s Memorial Auditorium which included Reggie Theus, and many others who went onto the pro’s…..After leaving Xerox, he started TV Log and has been involved in advertising in Sacramento, promotion, and marketing of all types of businesses from concerts,  sports (a lot of tennis & basketball), to fundraisers, to helping non-profits, community events, various ‘Arts’ groups, and, of course, regular businesses…..With his love of jazz & music, it was no wonder that he, also,  started the  Sunday night Stockmarket Jazz Club on Folsom Blvd. in 2003 which  provided some of the best music around. It grew and is  now carried on by the terrific Vivian Lee at The Red Lion Inn…